Russian Jokes

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The world is learning that the Russians are dangerous liars and their own people tell jokes about the government among themselves.

President Ronald Reagan liked telling Russian jokes including a series of categories with fixed settings and characters. These treat the government and their lifestyle as a joke with different topics, including politics.

An American greets a Russian friend: "Hey, buddy, how you been?" Russian replies "You know, can't complain."

Communism jokes are not funny but most freedom-loving folks on earth are beginning to realize that #Russia is now a global pariah and an international laughing stock.

Thanks to the little dictator, Russia is now shunned by the entire globe, except for a few other Communist dictatorships.

These are Russian jokes told by a #Reppublican POTUS, whose administration I used to work for once upon a time in my career as a US Diplomat. #DOSEOFNEWS

A Frenchman, a Brit, and a Russian are in an art gallery arguing over the painting of Adam and Eve. The Frenchman says, "They must be French. Look at how naked and beautiful they are." The Brit says, "They are British. Look how calm and stoic they are." The Russian says, "No way. They are naked, have no shelter, with only one apple to eat, and are told it is paradise. They must be Russian."

Putin’s Ukraine invasion may be slowly wrecking the entire world

In 1937, a man stands at the Red Square and shouts: "Down with a tyrant with a moustaсhe!". Vladimir, who walked nearby, overheard it, arrested the man, and brought him in front of Stalin. - Comrade, who did you have in mind when you said "Down with a tyrant with a moustaсhe!"? - Stalin asks. - Well of course I meant Hitler! - Wery good, comrade, you are free to go. A man walks away, Vladimir tries to do so, but Stalin stops him: - Not so fast, comrade. Tell me, who did YOU have in mind?

When Stalin was on his deathbed, he called Khrushchev by his bedside for a private meeting and said: “Here, I have chosen you to be my successor. Take these three envelopes, they will guide you. Open the first when I have died, the second when things get a little shaky, and the third when all hope is lost.” And Stalin hands Khrushchev three envelopes. A week later, Stalin dies, and Khrushchev opens the first envelope. It reads: “Seize power.” So he does. A few years later, there is civic unrest, so he opens the second envelope. It reads: “Blame it all on me.” So he does, and things are well for a few years. But after that, the situation with the public becomes hopeless, so Khrushchev opens the third envelope. It reads: “Prepare three envelopes.”