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Have you ever wondered we call America the Beautiful probably because you haven’t wandered around all the US Parks

According to the Interior Department, there are 63 national parks and 424 national park sites across this great nation, and it takes a long time to work our way through the 85 million acres they encompass.

Additionally, there are sites being earmarked for conservation West Virginia’s New River Gorge was just designated as a national park in 2021, for example, and the list of destinations is continually growing.

Regardless of whether you are a junior or senior citizen keep in mind that it takes some planning to visit the national parks, though the journey will be worthwhile. One way to optimize the experience is by targeting lesser-known parks. Avoid the long lines at the Grand Canyon and opt for the wrinkly sandstone at Capitol Reef.

Smaller parks are fewer amenities and fewer tours, but that’s where the real beauty of wilderness and being one with nature will shine through for all of you.

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