Submitted by ub on Fri, 04/21/2023 - 11:21

American politicians are petrified about the Democrats and GOP and are having second thoughts about their candidates. 

Democrats are not enthused either about the possibility of turning The White House once again into an assisted-living facility.

As POTUS continues workin for all Americans, he says #MAGA Republicans in Congress would default on our national debt and destroy our economy unless they get their way. It’s more than irresponsible – and it’d hurt working families, the middle class, and our veterans the most.

Meanwhile, the majority of Republicans are apparently not very excited about the return of Donnie or the rise of little Ronnie.

Poll: How do Americans feel about a Trump-Biden rematch? 'Exhaustion' tops the list.

More Americans say they feel “exhaustion” over the prospect of a 2024 contest between Biden and his predecessor than any other emotion.


Our suggestion to US voters is to tone your wants, tastes, and party affiliation to make much of the sunshine, fresh air, nature, water, and our freedoms.

Also visit your local libraries and educate yourselves Specimen Days remains a kind of secular bible for the thinking, and feeling of human beings. Complement this particular fragment with Dostoyevsky’s dream about the meaning of life, Tolstoy on finding meaning when life seems meaningless, and the forgotten genius Alice James — William and Henry James’s brilliant sister — on how to live fully while dying, then revisit Whitman on why literature is central to democracy and his timeless advice on living a vibrant and rewarding life.

Following years of neglect worrisome signs of economic distress area in the wake of the banking crisis, raised the specter that it will drag down the economy.

Most of all, respect everyone's rights, regardless of gender race, or religion and register to vote to save our Republic and support Democracy. If you decide not to use it may regret losing it, folks.