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This Memorial Day post is dedicated to The Cuban Bullet, my late brother. Military veteran. Antonio Julio Soto III served in the US Army.

He got the nickname Cuban Bullet from his coach who was delighted by Tony's force and speed while running and tackling on the football field.

He graduated from Seton Hall University. He was a very open, warm, and caring person. We lost everything when we had to flee Castro's Cuba. Our family has always been hard-working and determined to succeed in America - and we did!

My oldest brother, Tony was born on May 9, 1945. He was a widower and a beloved husband, a father, and our big brother. He was a devout Christian and a devotee of La Caridad Del Cobre, the Virgin Saint of Cuba, and our grandmother's name.

Tony was known as an honest and esteemed real estate attorney. Proud Vietnam War veteran, who left behind family and friends who miss him greatly. He will be fondly remembered. Because the good die young.

Here is wishing peace and comfort to everyone who loved AntonioJ Soto III aka The Cuban Bullet... Enjoy Heaven. 

Today our thoughts and gratitude are focused on our veterans who sacrificed so much for our great nation; especially those who gave their lives, and those who suffered physical and emotional injuries.

On the other hand, one of his contemporaries but the opposite is DJ Trump. He was born June 14, 1946, and is not only a low-life and a draft cheat, but he is also a big fat liar who has made many many threats and promises but is never capable or able to follow through or put his money where his mouth is.

What if Pearly Gates Admissions Desk leaked this document?

" Hell, Don-

We received your ALL CAPS submission.

However, it does not suit our needs.

Good luck for the rest of eternity.

Al Mighty"

Trump fumes at 'terrorists, misfits, and lunatic thugs' in all-caps Memorial Day tantrum Keep in mind that this is the same draft dodger who bowed to Mad Vlad and madder MBS, who said he loved the Communist North Korean butcher ...etc.

Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’ The twice impeached, indicted sexual predator repeatedly disparaged the intelligence of service members and asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades, according to multiple sources.…

Remember when he said if he was elected, he would lock Hillary up?

Remember he said Mexico would be paying for the border wall?

How about when he assured Americans COVID-19 would be fading in days?

Remember his January six seditious conspiracy?

Trump's retribution promise for punishment is an act of vengeance for any actions he does not like. This is more like verbal pollution.

None of it ever happened because everyone knows this is nothing but a case of constant diarrhea from his big fat mouth, folks.

The only thing Trump does is play golf, but even then he allegedly cheats and any one of the professionals can run rings around his increasingly dubious talents.