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Republican and Democrat lawmakers in Tennesee get their Justin time, and just in time for democracy and American  justice to prevail

After the March 2023 mass shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Jones joined a protest alongside Gloria Johnson and Justin J. Pearson for gun control reform that disrupted House proceedings at the state capitol. He was removed from his committees as a result. Jones, Johnson, and Pearson became known as "The Tennessee Three".

On April 5, 2023, Rep. Jones filed a police report after he was allegedly assaulted on the House floor by Rep. Justin Lafferty. The Tennessee House voted on April 6, 2023, to expel Jones, alongside Pearson, who are both black. Johnson, who is white, survived the vote. The resolution, HR 65, was sponsored by Bud Hulsey and co-sponsored by Gino BulsoAndrew Farmer, and Johnny Garrett; it passed with a vote of 72–25.

The Metropolitan Council of Nashville and Davidson County set a meeting to discuss an interim appointment to the vacant District 52 on April 10.[24][25] Jones was reinstated to his seat by a unanimous vote of 36–0


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