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Only Native Americans are in their homeland - The  American dream. Anyone who's been told they don't belong here should look that person in the eye and ask where they're from.

In fact, I served on the Presidential Advisory Board on Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action representing the CSUN faculty senate.

DEI promotes the fair treatment and full participation of all people who are historically underrepresented or subject to discrimination.

As a Latino, Hispanic fair-minded, and someone who supports civil, human, voting, and individual rights, I offer the following stories that are worth sharing.

According to The Chronicle of Education, As more states consider measures to bar colleges from hiring diversity, equity, and inclusion officials, some say that could violate federal laws and exceed the legislatures’ authority.

DEI Legislation Tracker Explore where college diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are under attack.

The Chronicle is tracking legislation that would prohibit colleges from having diversity, equity, and inclusion offices or staff; ban mandatory diversity training; prohibit institutions from using diversity statements in hiring and promotion; or prohibit colleges from using race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in admissions or employment. All four prescriptions were identified in model state legislation proposed this year by the Goldwater and Manhattan Institutes.

Are Diversity Statements Illegal?  As a growing number of colleges around the country have stopped using diversity statements, a lawsuit filed against the University of California system in May appears to be the first to directly challenge their legality. Experts are divided on whether the use of such statements by public colleges will pass legal muster.


Adrienne LuJacquelyn Elias,  Audrey Williams June,  J. Brian Charles,  Kate Marijolovic,  Julian Roberts-Grmela,  and  Eva Surovell

CBS also had something to say  Opponents and supporters of affirmative action face off

With the Supreme Court poised to decide two cases challenging the use of race as a consideration in college and university admissions, correspondent Rita Braver talks with the man responsible for launching multiple cases against affirmative action in higher education, as well as with advocates for and against maintaining the policy.