CUBA Seguro Qué Si

The Cuban people have been oppressed for six decades by the totalitarian Castro regime and will say Basta and Libertad.

Fidel Castro died five years ago this week, but his menacing shadow and his legacy of oppressing the Cuban people continues.

Those national planned mass protest is demanding their freedom and an end to the communist dictatorship in the Caribbean island.

To follow the developments and do your part to support them and help spread the word to the world. #15NCuba #SOSCuba #15N

A standoff between the Cuban government and activists begins ahead of the march. Cuban state security surrounded the house of Yunior García, an artist who has emerged as one of the country's leading activists and organized a planned march…

"Cuba no Aguanta Más" "Cuba Can't Take It Anymore" @YouTube #Libertad #CubaSiCastroNo @sandovalarturo1