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A New York State Supreme Court's Appellate Division has denied Donald Trump’s motion to delay his 259 million fraud trial.

His efforts to delay and deny the wheels of Justice may be ending as Donald’s business assets are expected to be liquidated without a state license. Judge Barbara Jones will monitor the assets, an arrangement not unlike the court-supervised liquidation of a bankrupt company or the assets of a drug lord.

The New York attorney general’s one-quarter of a-billion-dollar fraud trial will now proceed on Monday as planned. His big fat ass gets going to be exposed for all to see that he's nothing but a big fat fraud.

Trump's $250M fraud trial will go forward Monday, AG plans to call his adult sons as witnesses

A New York appellate court has denied Trump’s motion to delay the trial.…

There is also his growing web of indicted allies.

Meanwhile... A certain former president might not be too happy with these descriptions from Republicans.

Chris Christie calls Trump ‘Donald Duck’ for skipping 2nd Republican debate…

Donald the Duck told Fox News afterward, “Anybody that would come up with that nickname shouldn’t be running for president.”

I guess the Duck can quack it out, but he can't take being roasted himself.

Christie, Sloppy Chris Christie
Ted Cruz, Lying Ted
DeSantis Ron DeSanctimonious
Steve Bannon Sloppy Steve
Mitch McConnell Broken Old Crow
Lisa Murkowski The Disaster from Alaska
Mike Pence Liddle Mike Pence
Mark Rubio Little Marco
Ben Sasse Little Ben Sasse
Jeff Sessions Mr Magoo
Jeff Flakey Jeff Flake
Liz Cheney Crazy Liz
Kevin McCarthy My Kevin
Mike Pompeo My Mike

But is it Donald or is he more like Daffy Duck? - Donald Duck - Comparison of Donald and Daffy Duck

WHOOPS! GOP Lawmaker Accidentally Burns Trump With 'Freudian Slip' For The Ages

US Representative Andy Ogles (R-Tenn.) on Thursday accidentally referred to Donald Trump as “President Chump” while speaking on the House floor. The quick slip of the tongue was just as quickly posted on social media:…