200 Delightful Days

Submitted by ub on Sat, 08/07/2021 - 08:09

On this 200th day of Joe Biden's presidency, the forecast appears to be mostly sunny, with some clouds and scattered showers ahead. This, according to is a review of important data compiled from several major polls. President Biden said it best ‘ 200 days down – and America is moving forward once again.‘

By most measures, POTUS has gotten off to a strong start. President Biden’s overall job approval has had a solid majority while disapproval has stabilized significantly.

According to the Pew Research Center, 72 percent of Americans give him high marks for the manufacture and distribution of the Covid vaccine, and 67 percent approve of his COVID-19 aid bill, which Congress enacted in March. Other high-quality surveys have yielded similar results.

Meanwhile, are no more fights, no name-calling. No middle-of-the-night Twitter tirade storms, no payments to porn stars, no violence at rallies. Many of the rioters are facing the blind eyes of justice

Does all this mean it has become a boring presidency? No way… Oh, say, can’t you see? This is an interesting presidency and perhaps more so than many USA taxpayers could have imagined. Many agree that it's been a fascinating 200 days so far. 

So what it isn't is a drama-filled TV tragedy, which is what many of us have forced us to change the channel following four disastrous years of death fear and approaching the eve of destruction. Therefore a clear majority of registered voters agree the past four years were a total disaster.

POTUS Joe Biden has reversed yet another order issued announcing tougher car pollution standards.

The President unveiled plans to strengthen car pollution standards through 2026, putting the United States on a path to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — though not as quickly as many environmentalists say is needed.

Finally, consider the following statistic and realize that any death is one too many. There were 4,380 #USA #Covid deaths on the former guy’s last day in office. There were 574 #US deaths yesterday. Just a fact man - Draw your own conclusions.

Are Republicans dead set on creating the same type of #COVID confusion Americans rejected in an attempt to make the Democrats look bad, instead of creating and building a terr nation, they are apparently continuing the work of our enemies and bringing the @USAGov down?

Biden is refusing to engage in the uncivil discourse we have witnessed the last few years. Effective and productive communication rejects threats, insults or name-calling. It involves actively listening to the other side and remembering that the positions that people are promoting and often clinging to are based on emotion. 

Fearand anger distract people and distort their thinking. Help others to talk the feelings out. Ask them what they're afraid of. Deal with their fear. Don't avoid it. And ask them how they feel the present problems can be resolved? What would they propose? https://deargovernment.info/  https://dearmrpresident.org/