Freedom of Speech

We have thought that democracy is like a town square, a piazza, or a bazaar, where passionate disagreements take place. The ability to have them is what the who world calls FREEDOM OF SPEECH,

Follow Your Dreams


No woman or girl, and no boy or man on earth should ever be prevented from pursuing a career in their chosen field of dreams.

As my oldest daughter, Natasha's youngest daughter Sophia is embarking on her college life away from home, she should know that the sky is the limit for her.

Enjoy University Life. You're an adult, so continue to act like one. Have you read any of the following books or watched the films?

One of my campus suggestions is to fall in love with the Library. It's a wonderful place for great ideas. 



Is the Republican former guy a GOP spy? He is investigated under Espionage Act, with Top Secret SCI documents taken from him.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation search shows agents recovered 11 sets of classified documents from its search, including some materials marked as Top Secret SCI. This is one of the highest levels of classification. Does this mean that Mar-a-Lago is a national security risk?

Federal investigators identify three crimes that the Justice Department is looking at in the probe:

POTUS Victories


President Joe Biden speaks softly and carries the weight for all Americans regardless of their party affiliation living in the USA.

Good Will Towards...


Peace on earth and goodwill towards all who do not discriminate, always follow the rules, and will never do anyone any harm. 

How did humanity take a sharp turn and go from WE to ME in just a few years? Peace on earth. It doesn’t feel like it. The world is full of conflict. Since the angels’ announcement, we have seen an endless string of wars. The peace announced by the angels was very different than the end of the war itself because fighting and war have gone on forever.

Love Potion Number Nine


YaY True <3 Lovebirds made it to nine years of marriage. Next comes their very first decade of wedded real romantic bliss.

In true bliss, our world is dissolved as in water, consumed as in fire, so nothing remains except passion and ecstasy.

RIP: Olivia Newton-John


Pop music Superstar Olivia Newton-John is dead at age 73, She will be missed all over the world by friends and fans alike.

Dame Olivia Newton-John was a British-Australian singer, actress, and activist. She was a four-time Grammy Award winner whose music career included five number one hits and another ten Top Ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and two Billboard 200 number one albums.

Toilet-Water Gate?


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has made an unannounced visit with a search warrant entering Trump’s Palm Beach home.

The agents not only searched his home but also broke into his private safe searching for documents tied to a federal investigation.

There is nothing presidency about any of this. It is burglary and it’s against the law and got caught.- Plain and simple. Just the facts.

Latino Imbecile Crisis?


Many Latinos fled their nations seeking refuge from Caudillo military dictatorships whose hold on power depended on fear and control.

These dictators insist on holding on to power by manipulating armed followers, patronage, and vigilance. Their choke-holds are based on violence and machismo. Why are some Latinos embracing this form of government?

They use an exaggerated pride in masculinity, perceived as power and control, often coupled with a minimal sense of responsibility and disregard for consequences.

Democrats Deliver


Following a marathon session, Senate Democrats passed a climate, tax, and health care bill that will help Americans for decades.

President Biden is establishing a legacy as a capable and committed leader who got big things done with a deeply divided Congress. Will he revive The US House and Senate to achieve majority rule for all Americans?

The US Senate passes a sweeping economic package. The vote came after a graveyard session that lasted through the night and into Sunday afternoon, with The Democrats breaking into applause as members cast their final votes.