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Mexican businessman, C. Slim has reportedly decided to dismiss one of the members of in his firm. The Donald was apparently fired after Slim learned that the real estate mogul opined that Mexicans who come to the US are criminals, drug addicts and rapists.

Slim had previously decided to give an ultimatum to Donald when he learned he had spoken ill of famous film director Iñárritu following his victories at Oscars by the mere fact of being Mexican. However he decided to dismiss definitively after The Donald continued making racist comments.

According to several employees, a day after Donald said he would like to build a wall so Mexicans could no longer enter the United States, Slim reportedly decided it was time for a pink slip.

Donald was said to be in the midst of a report, when Carlos asked him to come to his office and when Trump came out, he took a box and began to fill it with his personal items.

Carlos then summoned all employees into the boardroom to tell them that if they did not feel comfortable with a Mexican boss, they should also leave.

After being fired, Donald said he was a paranoid boss, smelled tacos and spent chatting all day doing nothing: They did all the work and in the end he got the credit.