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If unfurling your yoga mat at the local studio is not satisfying you like it used to, why not plan a trip to one of our recommended global retreat?

You can achieve another level of enlightenment by training with world-class instructors in Hawaii. You may have to do chores, but no matter your skill level, you'll enjoy the journey.

Mantokuji is a Buddhist temple of Japanese Soto Zen lineage. Soto Zen Buddhism was introduced to Japan by Dogen Zenji during the Kamakura Era and later propagated by Keizan Zenji. The word Zen is the Japanese form of the Chinese – Ch’an and the Sanskrit word – Dhana.

The two Head Monasteries of the Soto Zen School in Japan are Eiheiji in Fukui Prefecture and Sojiji in Kanagawa Prefecture. Eiheiji was founded by Dogen Zenji and Sojiji was founded by Keizan Zenji. Therefore, two mons or crests serve as symbols for Soto Zen Buddhism. These mons are featured on the façade of the temple.

Zazen or sitting meditation is the primary practice in Soto Zen Buddhism. Through meditation, we hope to realize our true nature, nurture our physical, emotional and spiritual well being, and realize our full potential as Buddhas, benefiting all those around us.

Soto Zen Buddhism Hawaii Office
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