Women's Equality Day

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Women are not safe in their homes. Our government must do its part to protect domestic violence survivors from harm. And with little time left, we must act is NOW.

Vulnerable women trying to rebuild their lives face a barrage of obstacles and potential harms. From eviction to housing denials to sexual harassment in the workplace, by landlords and building managers, the odds of staying safe are steep.

“Nuisance ordinances” around the country even punish crime victims in need of emergency services with the threat of eviction. It doesn’t matter if you’re a victim of domestic abuse too many 911 calls can put you on the street.

Make our voices heard: Tell Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro to keep victims of gender-based violence safe in their homes.

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I am a man and I believe that women should be treated as equals in every single way! Not only should they be treated equally legally and financially, but I feel they should be treated equally socially. This means that gender segregated facilities should go! Mark my words, someday we'll have co-ed bathrooms, locker rooms, no more men and womens separate rooms. Women should have to register for the draft. I loved that the military allowed women in combat positions. They are equals in every way! In New York, they allow women to go topless wherever men can, great law that other states must adapt. We can't discriminate based on body differences. I've been around women my whole life and they have just the same power of reason that men do. If they are just as intelligent as men (and they are), they should be treated equally in all ways.

Now Islam dosent feel that way. Im just beginning to think the west will never get along with them so they should just stay in their area and we'll stay in ours.

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I agree that coed restrooms and locker rooms are coming. This controversy with transgenders is pushing separate bathrooms to the wayside. By saying you can use the bathroom with the gender you identify, that's very ambiguous. The next step is getting rid of all gender divisive institutions. I wouldnt mind using a locker room with men, nobody looks around in bathrooms and locker rooms anyway.

This idea is not new and still needs to be kept in the forefront. Created in 1971 to commemorate the 19th Amendment which grants women the right to vote. This is a day to continue the fight for equality, in the form of closing the pay gap, eliminating sexism in the workplace and society, and guaranteeing equal representation.

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