Submitted by ub on Thu, 12/26/2013 - 11:39

Dear World-

If it isn't too late, let's hope and pray that all people will begin to speak kind words, to be committed to their family and friends, to use their hands for helping and not for hurting,

Let's make an effort to evolve into human beings who laugh with joy and delight and not mockery, who love unconditionally, and who do not resort to bullying others.

Our world faces a formidable hurdle if we want to restore a new and improved climate of trust, peace, goodwill, respect and equality towards all men, women, children and all living things.

There is increasingly out-of-control global inequality. We have growing greed on the part of business leaders, bankers, as well as politicians who support government policies that continue to undermine trust, and contribute to this gross inequality.

If its not too late, our planet could surely use all of this. In return, we will promise not to steal, or lie, and genuinely try to feel sympathy and empathy for others in the coming new year.

-Thanks for reading