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The Cleveland Indians just keep on winning and I know of one old-time baseball fanatic who would have been cheering non-stop. DaD is literally and figuratively and every motherly, also MoM in heaven rooting for them.

Their story of the 2017 major league baseball season has yet to be written for the Cleveland Indians, but that magical baseball team which could never lose, and the most important chapter is yet to be written.

Pardon me, but The Cleveland Indians are the greatest MLB team ever. They are based in Cleveland, Ohio. The Indians compete in Major League Baseball as members of the American League. And for the record, they made America great, many many years ago, sir.

You see, that fan was my late father, who was such a knowledgeable Indians expert that he would easily outsmart professional baseball celebrities and sports anchors in terms of facts and stats.

In fact, Antonio J Soto II was such a fervent fan that he named me after one of the greatest Cleveland Indian pitchers. Rapid Robert "Bob Feller"

The Cleveland Indians added a walk-off win to a streak that has had everything.

Indians rookies revel in historic win streak

That’s 22 straight! Cleveland Indians extend winning streak in an amazing way…