Will History Be Repeated?

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The world is heated and angry. The events of 1968 are happening almost exactly as they were. They say history repeats itself and here it is.
George Wallace=Donald Trump
Civil rights=black lives matter
RFK vs McCarthy vs Humphrey= Bernie vs Hillary

Nearly 50 years ago, members of the Ohio National Guard fired their rifles at Kent State University students and demonstrators, killing four and wounding nine.

The impact of the shootings was dramatic. The event triggered a nationwide student strike that forced hundreds of colleges and universities to close. H. R. Haldeman, a top aide to President Richard Nixon, suggested the shootings had a direct impact on national politics and began the slide into Watergate, eventually destroying the Nixon administration. Beyond the direct effects of the May 4th, these shootings have certainly come to symbolize the deep political and social problems that sharply divided the country during the Vietnam war.…

Guns are allowed in Cleveland because of Ohio’s open-carry laws. In Pennsylvania, hundreds of thousands of residents own guns.

While presidential candidates are targeting each other in heated discourse, CITY IMAGES asks if Philadelphia and Cleveland are ready for the national spotlight as they host the Democratic National Convention July 25-28 and Republican National Convention July 18-21 respectively? Cleveland's last political convention was the 1936 RNC; that same year, Philadelphia welcomed the DNC

These cities will once again be part of history in 2016. However, demonstrations and protests have since become more sophisticated with the onset of social media. This is not Chicago, but the whole world will be watching live.
Chicago Convention The Whole World is Watching 1968 ElectionWallDotOrg.flv
"The Whole World Is Watching"- Chicago 1968 and 2016- "Bad Moon Rising"-...