Who's Afraid of The NRA?

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They all have blood on their hands.

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Whats wrong with him? Were are his balls?

President Trump, after calling for raising the minimum legal age to purchase all guns to age 21 during a meeting with lawmakers on guns and school safety suggested that those who are staying silent on the topic are "afraid" to come up against the NRA. White House disputes claim that Trump "chickened out" on gun proposals over NRA pressure

So why has POTUS made an about-face and backed off his call to raise the minimum age to purchase guns? Who's more talk and less action? Is it all about theatrics?

Does Trump fear NRA backlash on his raise-the-age comment? Bowing to the NRA, POTUS released a plan to help arm teachers but backed away from raising the age of those who can purchase firearms.…

After Florida topper Rick Scott triggered a bipartisan gun reform law the gun lobby fired back.…

The NRA alleges the new state law raising the minimum age for gun purchases from 18 to 21 years violates the constitutional rights of teenagers.…

This time the response to gun violence is much different.…

Trump calls for raising the minimum age to buy all guns to 21 - ABC News -

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Trump backs off push for raising assault rifle purchase age.
By @colvinJ.

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Who is afraid of the NRA?