Where's The Arab League?

Submitted by ub on Mon, 12/21/2015 - 22:34


Since 1945, The Arab League has existed to strengthening relations between the member-states, the coordination of their policies in order to achieve co-operation between them and to safeguard their independence and sovereignty; and a general concern with the affairs and interests of the Arab countries.

Members also keep a close co-operation of the member-states, with due regard to the Organisation and circumstances of each state, on the following matters:

A. Economic and financial affairs, including commercial relations, customs, currency and questions of agriculture an industry.

B. Communications; this includes railroads, roads, aviation, navigation, telegraphs and posts.

C. cultural affairs.

D. Nationality, passports, visas, execution of judgments and extradition of criminals.

E. Social affairs.

F. Health affairs.

With all the funds this organization has at its disposal, why aren't they solving the middle east refugee crisis?
أكثر من ملياري المسيحيين الاستعداد لل احتفال بعيد الميلاد في جميع أنحاء العالم ، يرجى أن نضع في اعتبارنا أن يسوع المسيح كان أيضا لاجئا.
'akthar min milyaray almusihiayn alaistiedad lal aihtifal baeid almilad fi jmye 'anha' alealam , yrja 'ann nadae fi aietibarina 'ann yaswae almasih kan 'aydaan lajiaaan.