What Fake News?

Submitted by Admin on Sat, 02/18/2017 - 13:17

The President likes to attack reputable news organizations, which have existed long before his immigrant relatives entered this country. We ask where is all the fake news you are referring to? Prove it's fake. Words matter and Trump has to be more careful because the world is paying attention. They’re listening to everything he’s saying. They’re trying to figure out how to interpret him. At a campaign rally, Mr. Trump made a reference to Sweden when talking about terrorist attacks and problems with migration.

As Trump continues his Twitter rampage against the press without offering any proof, other than tweet about fake news media and how he 'inherited a MESS'. The questions which beg to be asked where's the beef?

We challenge anyone who wishes to make fake news claims to do it while offering solid evidence or taking a lie detector test, so the people can see once and for all where this fake news is originating.

Who says the leaks are real?
Who refuses to answer questions?
Who labels stories he does not like of fake news?

Nevertheless, journalism and freedom of the press will persist. #NotTheEnemy ‬

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