Weekend Recap: NFL

Submitted by ub on Mon, 09/24/2012 - 12:18

How about them Saints and Refs.????
This weekend was full of games that were crazy with comebacks and teams losing games they had no business losing (Saints, Lions, Niners). Ugly reffing was prevalent again, especially visible in the Lions/Titans game and also the Patriots/Ravens. Pats/Ravens multiple times looked like they were about to clear the benches and someone was about to get punched out...all in the first quarter. The replacements either have to get their act together and call games correctly or the NFL better think about cutting the regulars some kind of deal quick--this is getting way to far out of hand, and coaches and players alike are about to fly off the handle...
"Can someone please tell these zebras foot locker called and they’re needed Back at work !!!!"--BrandonSpikes55 (

Bout sums it up.

The Lions forked one over to the Titans in Tennessee 44-41 in overtime thanks to their center who hiked the ball on 4th and 1 on the Titans' 7-yard line rather than following Jim Schwartz' game plan and drawing the Titans off sides or, if not, kicking the field goal...

Saints lost again. Is Sean Payton worth that much to the Saints or was it Jamaal Charles (33 carries, 233 yards, TD)? At 0-3 I think it's time to hit the panic button, especially with the Falcons rolling like they are. IF the Saints are going to make the playoffs they have to stop turning the ball over and just not executing. Oh...and they have to find a defense. Maybe they can't tackle if they aren't trying to snap someone in half to make an easy 10k.

Speaking of the Falcons, they followed up an impressive win over Denver by steamrolling San Diego on the road 27-3. Is Matt Ryan finally becoming elite (275 yards/3 TD /1 INT)? I think so. With Julio Jones really coming out this season and with consistent performers Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White to throw to...this is a formidable passing attack.

The Bears clubbed Saint Louis in a good rebound effort after getting whipped in Green Bay.

The Christian Ponder-led Vikings stunned the 49ers. Ponder is quietly putting up numbers that the more recognized QB's in his division are not doing consistently this year (Rodgers, Stafford, Cutler are all struggling). He's earned the Vikes' trust and with Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart to run the ball...this team may actually be underrated. I won't say playoff dark horse, but a 7-8 record or even 8-8 isn't too far off.

Andy Dalton aired it out to beat RGIII and the Redskins. A.J. Green was the best receiver in the NFL this week (9 Rec, 183 Yards, TD)

Philly just keeps putting the rock on the ground. It finally caught up to them in a 27-6 loss to the surprising Cardinals.

Steve Elsner