Submitted by ub on Thu, 02/27/2014 - 13:15

Please, consider our blog from various multiple angles and tell us what you do like and do not...

Take our appearance: Does it look decent visually? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy because the world wide web continues to be bare-bones Internet style. But it must communicate a certain level of professionalism and orderliness consistent with the rest of our materials. We can’t have misspellings or glaring typos, for example, whereas we seek appropriate visuals, fonts, and a writing style that communicates professionalism.

Content: blog content does not have to be intense, long, heavily-footnoted scholarly research! It can be short, topical, impressionistic, and footnote-free. However, the content does have to be consistent with your standards and practices. Does it relate to you? Why, or why not?

Are we engage with themes and topics in a substantive way? Many people use blogs to vent and rant. That is a valuable function, and it’s one I endorse. However, rants don’t really serve any of us well. We can absolutely be critical, but please check to see that our tone and approach are thoughtful and constructive. This also includes all those comment threads.

Weigh the blog against our overall record. Individual items have to be secondary to the main output. If it looks like we are spending many hours a day writing on it and indulging in endless comment-thread-exchanges with readers, we want to make sure that our output is not suffering.

If our blog meets all these basic conditions, then sure, mention it to your friends. An ability to “manage” the Internet is still a somewhat rare and desirable qualification in many corners of hidebound these days, and our blog will lend a certain allure to our record.

Thanks for your time, professional consideration and positive feedback.

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