War on Truth

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Democracy is not dead but it has taken a beating over the past year. As the Trump-Pence administration systematically increases its attacks on the news media, they must realize one way or the other that the US needs a free press.

A critical, independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of democracy. Freedom of the press is one of the foundations of liberty, and must never be restrained by any government officials.

The word democracy is Greek, a composite of demos and Kratos. Since demos can be translated as “the people” qua “native adult male residents of a polis” and Kratos as “power,” democracy has a root meaning of “the power of the people.” However, increasingly it appears the people and the free press are losing influence to special interest groups, who help fill the pockets of the very people who are being paid to work for all of us. Contact your local state and national representatives including the man living in your White House and let them know your demands and what you want and need from them. #USA

Thos new administration insists on believing a former KGB spy, who is now Russian President more than our US Intelligence agents. Then Trump says he believes in U.S. intelligence agencies despite past skepticism. What is going on and what is the public expected to think when the media reports one thing and the president and his administration then reverses itself. Can you tell the difference between war and grace against the news media?

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The Internet has spread digital democracy with The Arab Spring, The Jazmine Revolution and others using either covert, or overt websites like RT, Breitbart, Sputnik News, and many others trying to disrupt the population either for political or financial reasons.

The government is trying to take away your rights, but instead of utilizing the politics of military force, they have been effectively exploiting the force of politics by manipulating the media.

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