Submitted by ub on Fri, 10/31/2014 - 10:21

The failure of government is not only due to personality clashes, political problems, powerful lobbyists, bipartisan bickering, massive corruption, but it is also due to a deep structural flaw that undermines all administrations and therefore the entire system as we know it.

These weaknesses include unattainable goals, questionable incentives, basic greed, distorted disinformation, systemic irrationality, lack of credibility, mediocre bureaucracies, powerful bureaucrats, political actions committees, global markets, and the interpretation of legislation designed to protect us.

To counteract each of these problems, we are working on the development, as well as the implementation a new and totally interactive website, which will allow for public servants as well as ordinary citizens to put forth project proposals, including an outline of achievable goals, or necessary reforms, from student loans, minimum wages, healthcare funding, defense spending, and many other government programs.

Citizens should be empowered to speak out on all effective and ineffective public services, by suggesting simplifications to programs, testing them for interest and affordability, with the support of big data.