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Vanity, egotism, conceit brings on emptiness and can cost us plenty. This obsession, or excessive pride on appearances, qualities, abilities, achievements can become hazardous.

The failure to be liked, or followed on social media can be a great blow to one's vanity. But vanity appears to be the main reason why we waste so much time on social media.

Whether you’re an artist, blue collar, or white collar professional and work online or otherwise, too many are spending so much time on trying to be noticed and self-promotions.
Some cultures consider showing off, or the act of selling yourself as sleazy. This ugly new phenomena has already cost us plenty.

The best advice is to give up the need for approval and just be ourselves, not the person others want us to be. Also, to help others who need us and to understand our true values and why we are the way we are.

See this data, then read the article below and calculate how much time is wasted on vanity.