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Submitted by ub on Sat, 02/13/2016 - 14:59

I live in The Big Apple with my loving wife, but miss my daughters an grand kids every day, including Valentines Day. If you're in NYC, here are a few venues and locations for you... consider Central Park, or NY Botanic Gardens. There, compare the beauty to a winter rose, or imagine a blossoming change of seasons.

Are you’re feeling over the moon and all starry-eyed about a new acquaintance? Plan a romantic evening staring at the night’s sky. Look through high-powered telescopes and learn a thing or two about the constellations. This will be your chance to skip the small talk and delve right into big questions like “What does it all mean?” and “Are you sure that’s not the Little Dipper?”

Add a little spice in your life, with NYC's best kept secret. Featuring dozens of places to enjoy some fine food. City Island was first established as an English settlement in 1685. and is known for seafood. It also has a wide variety of international fare, offering French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese to name a few. From sit-down to take-out, there's something to satisfy all palates.

A late-night rendezvous can also turn our attention to tickling funny bones.

The NYC opportunities are countless... etc.

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