USA Killing Fields

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How did America get so violent? This US social and criminal problem is something harrowingly urgent and immediate that must end.

Unfortunately, today we all live near America’s infamous killing fields. According to Gun Violence Archive, there are too many mass shootings in America

With 2700 since Parkland... 71 in just six weeks and the tally continues? Why does the GOP appear to be opposed to assault rifle legislation, but most Americans support it?…

In 1995 CBS Reports, Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley, and Dan Rather collaborated on The Killing Fields of America.………

Holly and Paul Fine were a team of documentary producers/directors. With 4 decades of experience in the industry, their works have garnered ten National Emmy and 75 Local Emmy awards, as well as three Peabody awards. This married couple has had a long association with the CBS news program 60 Minutes and has also produced a number of other television specials including In the Killing Fields of America. After leaving CBS, the Fines signed on with ABC to produce specials for hit series: 20/20, Turning Point, and Primetime Live.


‘Shooting an Elephant’ is a 1936 essay by George Orwell (1903-50), The essay explores a cop with an apparent paradox about the behavior of those who have power over their subjects. But before we offer an analysis of Orwell’s essay, it might be worth providing a short summary of ‘Shooting an Elephant’, which you can read here.

Thanks to the Orwell Estate. Please consider making a donation of support for the following...…