US Political Convention Speeches

Submitted by ub on Mon, 09/10/2012 - 09:22

Obama's Speech

As always, Barack Obama's speech was full of charisma and optimism. It amazes me by how excited a crowd gets just because a speaker starts talking really loud and acts like they are really excited about something. It's weird because a speaker can have no idea what he's talking about, but if he or she gets up there and acts confident, strong, loud and optimistic, they can seem very exciting and pleasing to a crowd listening. I must give Mr. Obama credit where credit is due. Mr. Obama is very good at what he does which is speaking to the public. It is a very great skill to possess especially being the president of the United States.

Considering this particular speech, I agree with some of his points but not all of them. I like how he is very optimistic about our economy. When taking into account the situation of our economy as it stands right now, it can be hard to stay positive about the future of the United States. But he believes that it will recover and bounce back in the near future. It's hard to say whether that will happen or not but it is nice that someone is staying positive. However I don't agree with his statement when he said that his plan will take four years. It seems that it's going to take a lot longer than that to fix the problems that the United States faces today. The debt is growing exponentially every single day and it's going to continue to grow unless something happens fairly quickly.

Romney's Speech

Mitt Romney definitely seems to have the same type of charisma in his speech just as Mr. Obama did in his own. But Romney took a different route with his speech. At the beginning of Romney's speech, he talked about all of the things that the previous president promised to the United States but never followed through with. All of the ideas sounded great at the time and that is one of the reason that so many people voted for Mr. Obama because of all the change he promised to the United States. Which Romney believes that the United States deserves, but he thinks that Obama did not follow through with a lot of his promises that he made during his campaign in 2008.

When thinking about Mr. Romney's speech, there are many points that I agree with him but there are some that I don't. When he talks about how Obama didn't follow through will many of his promises he made 4 years ago, I agree with that. Obama promised that the there would be hope for America and that things would change for the better. When in fact, neither of those happened. The national debt for the United States has drastically increased over the last 4 years. Spending is not the answer in these harsh economic times. However, I do think that spending is necessary to accomplish things at certain times but it's not the answer all of the time. Sometimes a different route must be taken to solve a problem rather than just throwing money into a situation or project that won't go anywhere or get anything productive accomplished.

By: Evan VanBelle