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Shift happens, and while it sometimes means change, it doesn’t necessarily mean its all good. All across the healthcare industry, there are clinical realities, disruption and shift occurring faster than US IS willing to accept.

Have you considered going to the hospital for an emergency? Would you want to go to a city hospital, or one with with a better reputation? In the US, if you have health insurance you may have that choice, but once you arrive you have to accept that your wait will take hours of wasted time, while you watch health care workers doing very little to provide quick and efficient services. Its hurry up and wait, wait, wait. No matter whether you are an individual who has a platinum service health plan, or you happen to be a fellow health care provider.

Through this ever evolving shift, patients are no longer passive receivers of a diagnosis, they are consumers and active participants in their own care that appears to be no longer there. Less-is the new-more in medicine that will focus on avoiding harm, rather than efficiency, which consumers fear might reduce access to necessary care. But it's also clear that targeting tests and procedures that provide little value will reduce wasteful spending.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can be dangerous places. It’s estimated that more than 400K people die each year due to preventable medical errors, which include hospital acquired infections. These errors are either human, or technology-related, which everyone needs to be aware of. For healthcare providers, administrators, and patients, it has become urgent to address these hazards before they cause preventable injury and death.

Who is in charge and how will the system be saved? Is it The American Red Cross, which has been providing relief to victims of disaster, blood to hospital patients, health and safety training to the public, or emergency social services to U.S. military families for as long as anyone can remember? Is it The US Department of Health and Human Services? Is it The US Surgeon General? City Images has reached out to all and we hope to be able to provide answers to these and any of your questions. Please write to CITY IMAGES PO Box 147 NYC, NY 10464, email to:, or feel free to utilize the comment section below.