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America has long had a love affair with baseball and a Facebook graph now reveals the favorite baseball teams in the country by sorting through people's likes and breaking down winners by individual counties.

Boston vs. New York Battle Will Never End, so it is no surprise The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox came in first and second respectively in terms of the number of fans. Also making an impressive showing are the Texas Rangers and Atlanta Braves, who have fans spread out all over the South.

Finally, there are teams which don't get any respect and much less LOVE. Can you guess? New York Mets and Oakland Athletics. The Mets were not even the favorite team in Queens, the one county in New York, where they play, with the majority of baseball fans in this NYC Borough not seeming to root for their home team, but preferring The NY Yankees. A similar shame goes for the Oakland Athletics.

The Mets are not the favorite team in one county in the country, with fans in their area seeming to all go for the Yankees. Same goes for the Oakland Athletics.

In the spirit of sportsmanship, fair play and to show Boston some New York kindness, we've decided to post the following article that may put a smile on the face of Bean-town. 11 reasons why Boston is so much better than NYC @Thrillist