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President Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates last night, saying she “betrayed the Justice Department,” after she refused to defend his controversial immigration order. The White House immediately named another career prosecutor from Virginia, Dana Boente, to replace Yates but Boente’s tenure as AG figures to be only days long. There currently are five pending federal court cases challenging the travel ban. The new A.G. promptly pledged to defend Trump’s order. Thanks for showing that time Jeff Sessions urged Yates to disobey presidential orders.

A Monday massacre appears to be only the beginning. Watch this file video of Sally Yates answer the question that got her fired by President Trump

US House Speaker Paul Ryan "It's regrettable that there was some confusion on the rollout of this. No one wanted to see people with green cards" be affected by President Trump's executive order.

As we approach luck 13 with 6 executive orders and about ten memos, Trump's orders have so far alienated many people is this great nation and around the world.

Members of Trump's cabinet say they will be strong advocates of the agencies they are sworn to serve, but their previous actions and words say otherwise.

What Trump's Executive Order on Immigration Does—and Doesn't Do…

We are writing this now because another executive order could be written to prevent writing a similar blog.

What is an executive order? And how do President Trump's stack up?

Trump's executive orders, memorandums and proclamations @CNNPolitics