TV or Not TV?

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While every US Intelligence agency report points to Vladimir Putin and his Russian hackers as the culprits of a government-sponsored cyber campaign to help The Donald, he seems to be concerned with Arnold Schwarzenegger's ability to attract eyeballs.

Why is it that as American democracy suffers a grave assault, PEOTUS is overly concerned about Celebrity Apprentice TV ratings?

Schwarzenegger tells Trump to get back to work after 'Apprentice' tweet

Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers the perfect response to Trump’s ‘Apprentice’ rating taunts…

@realdonaldtrump and @Schwarzenegger got into it on Twitter.

BBC News - Donald Trump taunts Schwarzenegger over Celebrity Apprentice ratings

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The Donald is nothing but a Russian puppet and his bromance with Putin will destroy our great nation. Why does Trump continue to lie after intel briefing: He claims that Russia did not impact election outcome?

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Anderson Cooper stunned by Trump's 'stupid TV show' tweets: He is 'such a raw nerve of emotion'