Submitted by ub on Sat, 03/31/2012 - 12:21

According to President Anthony Esposito, Turtle Cove's Sports Center Complex, which was closed last season for the first time in several years will be open once again for business sometime next month.

National Golf Group is a partnership, including professional golfer Anthony Esposito. They were the winning bidders chosen to reconstruct the center on City Island Road. City Island Images visited the area to see the amazing transformation and hear all about their planned upgrade.

This Turtle Cove facility has the potential to be a top notch draw because of its location, nearby City Island in a wooded section of Pelham Bay Park. The overhaul will feature new covered and heated stalls for driving golf balls.

The miniature golf course is being completely rebuilt by hand, with a “party tent” for kids. The pitching machines in the batting cages will be receiving new mechanisms. Also that rear fence is being repaired and the main building is being entirely rehabilitated with a new eating area.

Tony Esposito's father as well as his son have both promised City Island Images that the will give a heads up when the entire renovation for this nearby facility is finally completed and ready for its grand opening.