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President Trump has no healthcare, no wall, no tax plan, no infrastructure plan, no financial regulation plan, no trade deals and he has no budget to submit to members of Congress.

May some folks be wondering to themselves have his 30+ executive orders been signed with class or crass? The real question everyone should be asking is what has he done so far for the people of The United States of America?

The GOP administration and Republican-controlled Congress have managed to kill some Obama-era regulations, but this oddest of all couples have produced the least popular US president in 100 days, while @POTUS professional reputation appears to be in the political gutter.

Leaders from Moscow to Beijing, from Pyongyang to Damascus, from Tehran to Mogadishu, from Tel Aviv to Berlin and Mexico City to Ottowa may be collectively scratching their heads as Trump nears his initial self-imposed milestone. Instead of standing up and leading, he's acting out the art of a kneel.

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