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Donald Trump will try to use his first news conference in nearly six months today to lay out a plan to separate himself from his business empire to try to erase questions about potential conflicts of interest, but Russia is likely to take center stage.

The president-elect will likely face questions about his bid to warm US relations with Moscow after American and British intelligence concluded Russia used cyber hacking to tilt the election in Trump's favor.

However, there are plenty of other issues which are bound to come up. There are many reasons why all eligible voters should cast their ballots.

Trump news conference takes on new significance…

How to watch Donald Trump's press conference

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The bromance is finally beginning to become clearer now. Putin's bear has little DJT in a bend over until he's Don.

He is supposed to be sworn in on Jan. 20, but apparently being blackmailed by the Russians and has also been under pressure to separate himself from his global business operations, including Russia to avoid any conflict of interest once he moves into the White House.

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Ub, when you were a full time journalist, would you have published what buzzfeed did? I cant imagine someone such as Lowell Thomas or Walter Cronkite would have dared to report something so frought with errors and heresay. Look at how they reported it:
"A dossier, compiled by a person who has CLAIMED to be a former British intelligence official, ALLEGES Russia has compromising information on Trump. The ALLEGATIONS are UNVERIFIED, and the report CONTAINS ERRORS."

Is this good journalism?

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But these are different times... Mr. Trump would have stepped down long before the election, just like Gary Hart and so many others did for lesser actions. Trump has managed to update the level of acceptable scandal.

Its a shame nobody cares about scandals anymore. Our politicians used to be DULL people but they were honest. Scandals ruined people. FDR didnt divorce Eleanor to save his political career. And when something happened like when Ted Kennedy killed that broad in his Oldsmobile, he couldnt even run for president until he was older.