True Colors

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The GOP once railed against the deficit, so why does the new Republican tax plan piles on more than $2 trillion in red ink?

Democrats say Trump's tax plan will almost definitely make you worse-off. The GOP tax plan actually raises taxes on millions of middle-class families by repealing the state and local tax deduction, a real Trumping Tax thumping. Republicans need to stop misleading Americans and tell the truth: their tax plan will raise taxes on middle-class families. Democrats unveil tax plan that, unlike GOP’s, would actually help working families

Speaking Freely, Retiring Sen. Corker Warns GOP He Could Oppose Tax Plan

"Trump's 'tax reform' is more regressive than even Reagan's"

Analysis: Sarah Huckabee Sanders completely undercuts Trump’s bogus tax talking point

A closer look at who does (and doesn’t) pay U.S. income tax

Trump will push tax plan in Pennsylvania speech next week