Submitted by ub on Sun, 04/10/2016 - 00:24

The Bronx Borough President does not seem to have a problem throwing his support around, regardless of who that individual is, or their party affiliation. First, The Donald bonded with Diaz with an unlikely Bromance that was evident of the pair’s flirtation in the form of Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point Park.

The taxpayer-funded course, built on public land, was originally budgeted at $20 million by the city, but the costs ballooned past a whopping $230 million plus with a 20 year contract, with Trump paying no rent for the first few years. This is a sinkhole sand trap project for NYC taxpayers and a bonanza for The Donald. What's up with that, Rubencito?

The hardscrabble Bronx-born politician who says he will transform New York state's poorest county into what he calls the “The New Bronx” is now seen following Hilary Clinton around. Who does he support, other than the greenback and when is it going to trickle down to the poor people of The Bronx?

When will we experience the next opportunities for the top politicians in The Bronx to show off his true colors? Meanwhile, PGA Tour officials have snubbed The Donald's Golf Course for their 2017 event. "C'est la vie, it goes to show you never can tell", or as they say in Spanish "Que cosa mas grande la vida"