Toilet-Water Gate?

Submitted by ub on Mon, 08/08/2022 - 21:12

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has made an unannounced visit with a search warrant entering Trump’s Palm Beach home.

The agents not only searched his home but also broke into his private safe searching for documents tied to a federal investigation.

There is nothing presidency about any of this. It is burglary and it’s against the law and got caught.- Plain and simple. Just the facts.

No word yet on whether they are checking his toilets, but what is crystal clear is that no federal judge would have signed off on a warrant unless there was significant evidence to warrant it. Also, to authorize a surprise break-in and search of Mara Lago, the judge had to find a high risk that Trump would’ve destroyed evidence of a federal crime had he been notified in advance. The former guy is calling it the opposite of Watergate.

The knee-jerk response is… Watergate was a break-in by burglars directed by a corrupt President. This FBI raid is a legal action directed by a judge against a corrupt president.

The former guy is known to destroy, remove and even flush White House documents down the toilet while president. The House Oversight Committee has an investigation into his handling of documents.

As a former US government official, I have handled sensitive classified documents. we are advised to destroy the documents in a burn bag after review. The former guy has been accused of holding back, flushing down the toilet, and not throwing them in a fireplace, None of these are allowed. 

Now, the former guy and grifter liar will try to turn the news of an FBI search of his Florida estate to his benefit, citing the investigation in text messages and emails soliciting political donations from his supporters. Meanwhile, Republicans melting are down over the legal search. The majority of Americans say ‘Who cares… Good luck with that”

This action marks a dramatic escalation in law enforcement scrutiny of Trump and comes as he has been laying the groundwork to make another bid for president.

The Justice Department had no comment when asked whether AG Merrick Garland had personally authorized the search.…

Former President Donald Trump says federal agents raided Mar-A-Lago, his Florida home…

Trump says FBI agents raided his Florida home…

‘The takeaway for the crime family and the underlings is that a search warrant is another sign this will not end well for the former guy and his posse.