Timeless Lessons For Communication

Submitted by ub on Thu, 10/27/2011 - 23:20

1. If you want to convince listeners that you have a good message for them, first convince them you're a good person.

2. If want strong commitment from audience, must engage strong feelings.

3. If want commitments to last then must show that arguments are logical and based of understood reality.

4. When speaking of guilt or innocence, emphasize morality of past actions.

5. when speaking of a future policy, stress practical advantages of the plan of action

6. When celebrating achievements, emphasize the values that make them right.

7. A speech must be based of thorough investigation of the topic for the widest possible range of ideas and materials for emphasis.

8. Follow order of ideas that lead listeners to greater illumination and conviction as you speak.

9. Rights words make points come to life on images easy to remember.

10. The more the speech is done in a direct and conversational style, stemming from a pattern of ideas imprinted in your mind, the better the communication will be.