The Taxman Taketh Away

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In the 2005 leaked tax return
T-fuck paid 21 million in AMT minimum tax.
He wants to get rid of that AMT

Getting rid of the estate tax only would ONLY effect 11,500 taxpayers
One of which is t-fuck
.2% of all estates. Two-tenths of one percent Of estates are affected.

He is RAISING the lowest tax bracket rate by 2%. On Poor people who can't afford it.

He would be lowering the top tax bracket by 4.6% on Rich people who can afford it.

Tax reform is all about showing me yours and I will be showing you mine. How can any so-called leader sell a tax plan if has not yet revealed his own taxes? Is do as I say and not as I do the POTUS way?

Some are accusing Trump of putting big companies first with his low tax plan. Others explain that a pig wearing lipstick is still a pig any way you look at it.

A 20 percent top corporate rate; 25 percent for “certain” pass-through businesses; three individual rates of 12, 25 and 35 percent with instructions for committees to add a fourth higher bracket if they choose?

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