Submitted by ub on Fri, 10/21/2011 - 22:23

He is the oldest living person on City Island. This "clamdigger", who is a lifetime resident of this tiny NYC island was born and raised in the same house his grandfather built four hundred years after Christopher Columbus landed in America.

He is undoubtedly the best known resident of City Island. Unfortunately, he has lost his appetite, stopped eating and his body is beginning to shut down. Who is this superstar? He is 95 year old Captain Ed Sadler. A proud father, a prouder grandfather and the proudest great grandfather ever.

In the Captains opinion, the most serious issue facing our City Island community today is overcrowding, along with the deterioration of our collective civic pride.

You should also know that only one in 10,000 extremely fortunate folks, like Captain Sadler are considered to be SLOW AGE PEOPLE, these are the lucky ones who live to be around 100 -- Will all of us be blessed to be among these fortunate few?

Finally, he enjoys visits and we urge anyone who has the desire to stop by and say hello, feel free to contact a member of his family and make arrangements to do so ASAP.

You may also reach out to Ed through his son's email address: dicksadler12@gmail.