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Allergy sufferers can expect to be constantly sneezing in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, high pollen counts cause agony for allergy sufferers and this allergy season will be particularly rough.

If you suffer from itchy and watery eyes, runny nose and scratchy throat, try to see an allergist to determine what you are allergic to plants, flowers, mold, or weeds.

If you know what you're allergic to and you see that allergen on the rise, take your allergy medication early on, before symptoms begin.

Wipe your feet on a doormat before walking into your home. Leave your shoes outside your home if possible.
Wash your hands and hair as soon as you get home. Filter the air in your home. Take allergy medication.
Keep your windows closed.

Which City Is the Worst for Spring Allergies?

Dawn and dusk are the worst time for allergy sufferers; avoid the outdoors during these times.

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