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We got people here where I live in Jersey that just dont care about other peoples property. Some mutha just stole my last two cases of beer and my momma's cooler! Im gonna kill him. That's disrespect and I know what kind of vehicle they drivin', as soon as I find 'em gonna fillet his ass. That dude was driving and 80s Buick with a garbage bag over the rear window.

A now we got prostitutes near where I live. Man, back in the 70s we used to have hookers on the streets. I remember after school when I was around 7th grade, me and my buddies would go up to these prostitutes and for a dollar, these ladies would pull the front of their shorts down and show us her hair covered lady parts. We all thought that was great but we got older, man, and we reallized that prostitution was bad for the community, it aint a good business because it aint legal and the government cant put regulations on it. Theres a lot of bad things that happen because theres no accountability. The hookers went away for a while. But now in the past 5 years or so, they starting to pop up again, I see these young girls and theyre like my daughters age. They about 20 years old, and I gotta think theyre fathers are nowhere around.

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