Social Media Strategies

Submitted by ub on Tue, 05/31/2011 - 14:46

If you plan to be Tweeting, or Blogging... Who even has time to sleep anymore?

As our social networking and social media tools expand, it’s important to maintain control of our communication. Whether for business, personal use, or both, lets streamline our social media presence by tapping into these time-management tips and tools designed specifically for social media technology.

Just like IMAGES, there are new media outlets being created every day; keeping up with them can be time consuming. A few years ago, you might have checked your e-mail. Now, many users have a Facebook page and a Twitter account...etc.

Whether we network for personal use or business needs, it is a good idea to evaluate our tools to make sure they add to our productivity. If we are social butterflies, or news junkies, using Twitter for frequent, short bursts of information might be the best tool. If our business relies on our expertise in our field, then a regularly-updated blog might be the perfect way to share informative industry-related information.

Anyone who has spent five minutes with Facebook knows that a quick session can easily turn into a longer one. Time management is an important skill to master for maximizing your social media interaction. A common strategy is to set aside certain times of the day to log in and catch up. Personal users typically check in before work, during lunch and at the end of the day. Business users may need to look more often, setting blocks of time — say, 30 minutes — in the morning and afternoon to send out updates to customers. Choose a schedule that works for you, but stay faithful to the limits you set.

If you have the feeling that you are spending more time than you need to on social media pursuits, try logging the time you spend accessing social media for one week to get an accurate idea of the time you dedicate to it. If you find yourself getting sucked in for hours, you might want to set a kitchen timer for fifteen minutes each time you log in: when the buzzer goes off, you’re done.

Now that there are many social media outlets available, companies are creating helpful tools to bundle access to favorite sites. By managing our social media outlets with one app, we don’t have to log in to every social media tool separately to check out the action; we can hit them all at once and save time.

Keeping up with social media technology can quickly turn into a full-time job, so streamline your efforts with the many helpful tools available. The main goal of streamlining is to make your social media use fun, productive, and efficient. So we can have more time for face to book, face to face...etc.