Slice of NYC Paradise

Submitted by ub on Tue, 07/20/2021 - 08:33

The Big Apple and the surrounding boroughs offer one of the most fantastic health care systems available and access to amenities that can make it an ideal spot to live and also to retire. 

New York City is a wonderful place for young people to study, also to work and play as well as for elderly retirees. New York, New York - A city so nice, they had to name it twice. Excellent public transportation, great cultural landmarks, a plethora of attractions, and lots of services that attract people from all over er the world.

Also, the walkability, even if you can't walk very far or fast, means you can still get out to socialize, get groceries for a much longer span of time, whereas in the suburbs, having to drive everywhere when your eyesight and instincts are rusty is unsafe and eventually leads to isolation.

That said, NYC is also considered one of the most expensive cities to live in, so if you’d rather not take a chunk out of your retirement nest egg to pay for rent or high mortgage payments, you may wish to consider the small-town feel of City Island - A Slice of NYC Paradise. City Island will make anyone forget they’re in The Bronx, because of its New England fishing village and quaint nautical surroundings.

On Belden Point, located at the Southern end of City Island Avenue is an open green space that offers spectacular views of the Long Island Sound. The late and great 95-year-old Captain Sadler took me there years ago and told me stories of when he went fishing from the piers as a young boy. He was born and lived his entire life on what is now known as Ed Sadler's Way.