Submitted by ub on Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:40

We have a revolutionary suggestion, which some may not have thought of and according to our live shot above, others have yet to take care of their civic and legal responsibilities.

If there is any snow on the sidewalk in front of your residence, place of business? Then what are you waiting for....Shovel the darn thing, you lazy ass.

Hardworking doctors, bankers and many other law abiding citizens, as well as countless numbers of public servants may not have been able to get to work on time today because you are cheap, lazy or just don't shive a git.

Oh, I'm so very sorry... you say you don't own the property. You just rent, from a landlord, or you own the property, but you think it is the responsibility of the management company whom you believe has agreed to take care of shoveling the walk? Good point. Have they shoveled it yet? No? OK, then shovel it yourself.

You're right, they should totally have shoveled it. But didn't do so for the reasons stated above. So now you have to and then report them to the proper authorities.

This lack of consideration has got to STOP NOW... Call 311 and file that report.