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You may have heard the old saying: "There may be snow on the roof but there's still fire in the furnace." It means age has little to with urge. And yet, all too often, men and women needlessly forgo the opportunity to enjoy a rich, satisfying, and active sex life as they get older.

The baby boomers who led the sexual revolution in the Sixties are now well into their sixties. And the sexual revolution revolution appears to continue.

This is a revolution that challenges long-held views on sexuality and aging. It’s reinforcing that adults in their 60s and beyond can have healthy and happy sex lives.

Midlife can be a springboard to renewed sexual expression and connection. Some women feel more relaxed about sex once their child-bearing days are past. The changes a man experiences can be an impetus for developing a new and more fulfilling style of lovemaking.

Just to get you in the right mood for the new attitude which has to be adopted, here are some blasts from the past. And please make sure you remember that when it comes to sex, attitude matters more than age!