Seeking Journalism Student Interns

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 23:18

City Island Images is a growing online publication seeking resourceful reporters, fearless interviewers and swift writers, with news gathering experience, the confidence to tackle diverse topics across technology, arts and sciences, as well as the chops to produce breaking news stories, longer features and the ability to write and to produce evergreen profiles on a regular basis.

The capacity to work independently, but in close coordination with a world-class managing editor is key, a sense of humor is nonnegotiable, and experience with Web publishing tools and social media definitely won’t hurt either. And because this is NYC, we’re going to be adding beaucoup bonus points for a really good impression of Nanny Bloomberg, or any other high profile public figure.

Please, e-mail, or snail mail me your resume and work samples ASAP!

City Island Images
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NYC, NY 10464