Sabrina Soto "Home Design" Book/Show

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Hi everyone! Have you heard about Sabrina Soto's new book?
Sabrina Soto Home Design has been selling online.
It will be available IN STORES on Monday, May 7th.
She will be doing a few book signings (details below).

Some of you have already been saying really nice things about it. This book was a labor of love, and Sabrina says she is so happy to be able to share it with you.

Every tip and design secret is in the book, so if you haven't picked up a copy is the time and you will enjoy reading every page.

Sabrina's HGTV program "High Low Project" airs tonight 8P.

Sabrina kicks off her new season TONIGHT! Be sure to set your DVR--Sabrina tells us it's one of her favorite episodes! (HGTV, Saturdays 8ET/7C)

THE REVOLUTION: Sabrina, Ty Pennington, and Tim Gunn. Need we say more? Be sure to catch it on May 17th! (ABC, 2ET/1PT)

RACHAEL RAY SHOW: Sabrina just taped another episode with Rachael this week and you're going to love the geek chic look she's rockin'. Tune in on September 14th.(CBS, Check web site for your local listings)


- June 4 @ 7 pm:

Barnes & Noble on Haddonfield Rd., Cherry Hill, NJ

- June 16 @ 1 pm:

Barnes & Noble on US Hwy 9, Freehold, NJ


Take a look inside Sabrina's book!

Sabrina Soto Home Design breaks down the decorating process into accessible, step-by-step layers to take a homeowner’s design dreams from “wish list” to “how to.” This is one design book that will be the envy of stylish coffee tables everywhere!

Here's an exclusive peak at Chapter 5, The Fifth Layer, Edit Your Furniture:

"It’s the rare homeowner who has the option to put together an entirely new and completely coordinated collection of furniture from scratch.

The truth is, we usually collect furniture along life’s path. Some are accidental acquisitions, things you find on sale at a local furniture store, or really cool pieces you stumble across at a flea market...

That reality is why I use the word edit rather than buy in the title of this layer. Heck, I’d love to run right out and buy all new furniture every time I redecorate a home, but that’s not realistic. Yes, occasionally you’ll need to buy a new piece to replace an old one that is just too far gone to save, or because of new circumstances or spaces. More often, though, you can create a fantastic room setting by repositioning or reviving your existing furniture. The change can be as basic as moving a sofa to a more logical position, or it can involve a bigger undertaking, like stripping and repainting a bedroom dresser. Whatever the case, I’m a big one for re-purposing furniture. There’s so much you can do to save even timeworn pieces, and why not save money wherever you can?

However, before you start sanding down tabletops or refinishing chairs, you have to decide what must go, what should stay, and where to put everything..."

-- Excerpt taken from Sabrina Soto Home Design, A Layer-by-Layer Approach to Turning Your Ideas into the Home of Your Dreams © Copyright 2012 by Sabrina Soto. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Inside her gorgeous penthouse apartment overlooking Manhattan’s Upper West Side, TARGET sat down with Home Style Expert, Sabrina Soto to chat about her first book. Available in stores now, Sabrina Soto Home Design is a layer-by-layer guide to designing the home of your dreams.

Sabrina Soto's new program begins on 5/5/12 @ 8P on HGTV.
[VIDEO] Sabrina Soto Adds ‘Author’ to Her Design Resume
‎[VIDEO] Sabrina Soto Adds ‘Author’ to Her Design Resume