RIP Carmen Maria Warren Robinson

Submitted by ub on Thu, 06/19/2014 - 16:16

Following a 22 year struggle with cancer and reportedly without complaint, or self pity, Carmen Maria Warren Robinson passed away last week. The 63 year old longtime City Island resident took her walk with the Lord.

Carmen was an accomplished artist in all media. Her pottery displayed her love of nature; and her oils and watercolors, her abstract way of looking at life. She was also an accomplished equestrian.

More than anything, Carmen was an inspiration. Her breast cancer had metastasized to her bones, lungs and, finally, to her brain. She left doctors scratching their heads in wonderment at her survival against all odds. A special thanks to Dr. Anna Gattani for finding ways to help her beat the odds at every turn and to Dr. Sandra Park for keeping her grounded.

But, it was also her faith that carried her through. And it was that very love of the Lord that brings to light this passage:

"The bible tells us of Enoch, who each day of his life walked with the Lord. One day Enoch noticed that they had come much further than usual and he felt tired. When he mentioned this, the Lord said, "Enoch you have come so far with me, come just a little further and we will go home together." Carmen did just that, she walked a little further on the road that all of us must travel.

Along that road she sowed the seeds of many flowers: flowers of warmth, of generosity, of compassion, of kindness, of gentleness and of love.

Take a page from Carmen’s life…love without inhibition; love nature as if every time were the first; live simply; smile radiantly; love bountifully, live each day at its fullest with no worry about the next and with the faith that it will be taken care of by the Lord.

Carmen Maria Warren Robinson is survived by her husband, Ritch Robinson of City Island, NY; her father, Peter Kirby Warren and her stepmother Hollis Wright-Warren; her sister, AJ Warren and her nephew, Joshua Warren, all of Wilton, CT; her brother Peter John Warren, his former-wife Peggy Warren and their children, Peter Alexander and Christopher Aiden Warren of Kalispell, MT and Downers Grove, IL; her Aunt Christina Bracho and cousins, Juan, Pablo, Monica and Diana Bracho of Houston, TX and Mexico City, MX; her cousins, Giles and Hugh Parker of Medford, MA and Daytona Beach FLA.

Donations may be sent to the, Guide Dogs for the Blind: It was always a dream of Carmen’s to train dogs for that organization.

Should you wish to share a memory about Carmen or upload a photo, you can do so by going go to the "memories section" at We also encourage you to click on the photographic memories link in the same section for a lovely slide show celebrating Carmen’s life.

A memorial service celebrating her life will be held on Saturday, August 16, at Trinity Methodist Church on City Island at 2:00pm.