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Leonard Gold, Captain, USAAC - Retired US Air Corps Decorated Fighter Pilot passed away today, following a long and distinguished career. His granddaughter Diana told me he died in peace, after an active 95 years.

City Images had the distinct honor of interviewing and getting to know this gentle warrior. He also took time to speak to students at a couple of my college classes and these young people were as impressed with him as I was. Lenny even took time to attend my City Island wedding and reception. Since we met, we enjoyed each others company socially, until the very end.

I was fortunate to be introduced to Capt. Gold by longtime City Islander Sgt. Russ Shaller, who told City Images that he was very saddened to learn about Lenny's death. Russ told me that he wanted to write a story about Lenny in a local publication, but was turned down for some reason.
I told him it would be a pleasure for CITY IMAGES to do the honors. The story appears below and then we pubilshed another version about his visits to my student's communication classes at Lander College for Men in Queens, NY.

The Jewish Voice: Issue 10-01-2011:Issue 07-30-08 (131).qxd 9/27/2011 10:45 PM Page 40

Intrepid Veterans Video Project: Len Gold,……

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The services for Captain Leonard Gold at Gutterman’s in Rockville Centre, NY were pleasant, but the logistics for the burial at Beth David Cemetery were less than adequate, according to several who were in attendance.

There was no chapel and the services were held at the graveside. Please make sure you wear comfortable shoes to be able to navigate the narrow walkways and one-way pathways.

Family members and close friends who traveled there were kept waiting at the cemetery for what appeared to be close to an hour before the services were able to proceed for Capt Gold.